chain of command rattlesnake debacle


rattlesnake snake timber
FILE– In this September 2008 handout file photograph from the Mass. Div. of Wildlife and Fisheries, a timber rattlesnake rests in a coil on a rock in Western Massachusetts. A plan by the state to start a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in Massachusetts’ largest drinking water supply is under fire. (Bill Byrne/The Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife via AP)


Chain of command rattlesnake debacle

Governor Charlie Baker

Leo Roy          commissioner DCR          (91-million-dollar budget 2016) appointed by Baker

Matthew A. Beaton       secretary energy and environmental affairs (EEA) appointed by Baker

George Peterson Jr. commissioner Mass. Dept. fish & game

Jack Buckley  director fish & wildlife

Tom French  assistant director fish & wildlife

Tom French   director NHES (natural heritage and endangered species program)

French’s staff

Tara Boswell GIS manager

Chris Buelow assistant restoration ecologist

Karen Donlan finance and projects admin.

Karro Frost conservation planning botanist

Lauren Glorioso endangered species review assistant

Sarah Haggerty chief of info. And program development

Lynn Harper habitat protection specialist

Peter Hazelton aquatic ecologist

Amy Hoenig endangered species review biologist

Emily Holt endangered species review assistant

Tara Huguenin conservation data specialist

Kim Justham conservation data specialist

Jacob Kubel conservation scientist

Jesse Leddick endangered species review specialist

Jennifer Longsdorf administrative assistant

Lisa MacGillivary habitat mapping biologist/data specialist

Sarah Maier Natural Heritage database manager

Misty-Anne Marold senior endangered species review biologist

Carolyn Mostello coastal water bird biologist

Michael Nelson invertebrate zoologist

David Paulson endangered species review biologist

Brent Powers NRCS review biologist

Jonathan Regosin chief of conservation science

Eve Schluter chief of environmental review

Tim Simmons restoration ecologist

Patricia Swain natural community ecologist

Amanda Veinotte NHESP administrative coordinator

Andrew Vitz State ornithologist

Robert Wernerehl State botanist

Above are titled people, probably many more to do actual work, floor sweepers, coffee makers, paper shufflers, etc.



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