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Stewardship quabbin watershed

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

Stewardship of Quabbin watershed         5-12-18

Observations from the bottom of the pile.  Dr. Clark it is inscrutable how you pick your supervisory team, it appears ability is not a major factor.  The more I poke around in DCR the more mayhem I see percolating.

Aldrich cellar-hole    5-1-18

A tracked brush cutting machine drove up Aldrich drive-way right up to cellar hole nocking two foundation stones into hole and proceeded to cut and grind all trees and brush around cellar-hole except four cherry trees (one has a bird house attached).  The tracked machine tore up driveway to the extent, that rain will wash top-soil into cellar-hole.  Forsythia bushes lined the whole south side of cellar-hole, they were completely cut and ground down to ground level, not saving a single bush.  My family and other people that walk gate 29 have enjoyed the forsythia for years.  It was a rite of spring…

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