DCR dumping ground

Mike Beaudet Gov. Baker says DCR is not a dumping ground for politically connected Republicans Video shows top official using sirens on state SUV Published  8:00 PM EDT Oct 03, 2016 BOSTON —Massach…

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Leo Roy

Guest list for party at center of DCR scandal full of VIPs The Lowell Sun Updated:   09/02/2016 03:23:23 PM EDT Leo Roy Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site. By Colin A. You…

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DCR dumping ground

Mike Beaudet

Gov. Baker says DCR is not a dumping ground for politically connected Republicans

Video shows top official using sirens on state SUV

Published  8:00 PM EDT Oct 03, 2016

BOSTON —Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is defending his administration’s hiring practices to 5 investigates after a Baker donor is forced to resign from his top position with the state.

Department Conservation Recreation Deputy Commissioner Matthew Sisk resigned on Friday, after video surfaced showing him using the lights and sirens on his state SUV to make his way through traffic in Boston on two different occasions.

“I thought it was incredibly bad judgment,” said Gov. Baker

But this wasn’t Sisk’s first lapse in judgment.

The state suspended Sisk and his former boss DCR Commissioner Leo Roy, in August for using state funds for a private July 3rd party.

Partygoers were driven in golf carts rented by the state to the VIP area at the Hatch Shell.

The party was held at a condo owned by Republican National Committeeman Ron Kaufman.

Sisk himself is on the Republican State Committee and has donated to Baker’s campaign.

“Are we going to be hearing about more bad apples in DCR?” asked 5 Investigates’ Mike Beaudet.

“Look I’ve known Matt Sisk for a long time and was appalled by what he did,” said Baker. “I certainly don’t think you’ll see anybody doing anything like that again.”

But 5 Investigates has been looking at some of DCR’s hires and found numerous ties to the Massachusetts Republican Party along with questionable backgrounds.

In addition to Sisk, at least four other past or present Republican State Committee members are employed at DCR, including Christine Cedrone, the community relations manager.

The Quincy attorney’s law license was suspended in 2014 over misusing client funds.

Cedrone says her political affiliation had nothing to do with her getting her job.

And then there’s Carol Sanchez, a certified public accountant and self-described Baker “friend” who helped on his campaign.

Sanchez was originally hired as DCR commissioner in April 2015, despite a drunk driving arrest just a few weeks earlier.

Sanchez admitted to sufficient facts and the case was continued without a finding.

She resigned in November, but says it had nothing to do with her arrest and insists she was qualified for the job.

“Is DCR a dumping ground for politically connected Republicans?” asked Beaudet.

“DCR is an organization that’s had a couple of unfortunate incidents. I consider DCR to be a terrific organization that does good work,” replied Bacommissioner, but didn’t hear back.



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new hires



DCR names new hires in shakeup






By Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff  October 07, 2016

After scandals that ejected four state employees from their jobs, Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy announced new hires Friday.

Nick Gove was promoted to deputy commissioner for recreation and operations, a position that puts him in charge of the agency’s daily operations, including park and infrastructure operations and public safety.

He is also a supporter of Charlie Baker, having donated $50 to the governor in March, according to state campaign finance data.

Priscilla Geigis was named deputy commissioner for conservation and resource stewardship, overseeing strategic planning, as well as water supply protection, forestry and fire control, land acquisition, natural resource protection, resource management planning, cultural resources, and interpretive services


Geigis has supported Democratic candidates for office, according to state campaign finance data.

The new appointees won praise from former DCR commissioner Katherine F. Abbott, who now works as president and CEO of Boston Harbor Now.

“Priscilla Geigis is one of the brightest, creative park leaders in the country, and sets the standards for ethics and professionalism nationally,” Abbott said in the state’s press release. “Additionally, Nick Gove has been doing great work internally and externally for the Department of Conservation and Recreation for years.”

The current commissioner, Roy, called the two “proven professionals in parks and infrastructure management.”

Jay Cincotti, executive director of the state Democratic Party, said: “Maybe the Department of Crafty Republicans will finally have a staff with some clue about conservation and recreation. Charlie’s lack of immediate action shows that unless the spotlight is shining on a problem, he is happy to let politics come before public service.”

Roy himself was among those implicated in the first of several damaging stories about his department, having cohosted a pre-Fourth of July party at a condo owned by Republican National Committee member Ron Kaufman that chauffeured guests to the nearby Hatch Shell celebration in taxpayer-funded golf carts.

The party’s guest list reportedly included top Baker aides. Roy and his cohost, DCR Deputy Commissioner for Operations Matthew Sisk, were suspended without pay for a week after WCVB-TV aired footage of the event in August.

But Sisk was forced to resign last week after allegations that he used a siren and flashing lights on his state-issued vehicle to get through Boston traffic. The agency’s director of fleet operations also resigned.

And two politically connected cousins were removed at the agency this week after an inquiry into political intimidation.

According to the investigation, DCR personnel officer Jared Valanzola tried to coerce a coworker to persuade her fiance, a Democrat, to drop a political challenge to a Republican state senator.

The woman was also reassigned, though the inquiry found “no conclusive evidence that the transfer was politically motivated, but found other evidence of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.”

Michael Valanzola was removed from his post as chief operating officer of the Environmental Affairs office and a third official, program manager Tim Sullivan, received a warning from management after an allegation by Lewis that he “invaded her personal space” while discussing the transfer with her.

Stephanie Ebbert can be reached at Stephanie.Ebbert@globe.com. Follow

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Leo Roy

Guest list for party at center of DCR scandal full of VIPs The Lowell Sun Updated:   09/02/2016 03:23:23 PM EDT Leo Roy Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site. By Colin A. You…

Source: Leo Roy

Leo Roy

Guest list for party at center of DCR scandal full of VIPs

The Lowell Sun

Updated:   09/02/2016 03:23:23 PM EDT

Leo Roy

Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site.

By Colin A. Young


BOSTON — The list of guests invited to the July 3 bash thrown by two top Department of Conservation and Recreation officials using state resources is a veritable who’s who of the executive branch and the state Republican Party — including cabinet secretaries, department heads, senior advisors and political big wigs.

It is unclear who on the invite list — which the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs provided to the News Service on Friday — actually attended the party, which has landed DCR Commissioner Leo Roy and Deputy Commissioner Matthew Sisk in hot water and suspended from their jobs for a week without pay.

Roy and Sisk have paid the state back more than $800 for the state resources they used to plan and host the party, which coincided with the Boston Pops Independence Day dress rehearsal concert at the Esplanade’s Hatch Shell, a DCR property. The party was held at a condo owned by Ron Kaufman, the state’s Republican national committeeman.

Among those invited to the party were: Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton, Administration and Finance Secretary Kristen Lepore, Revenue Commissioner Michael Heffernan, state GOP chairwoman Kirsten Hughes, Baker Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Vallarelli, Baker Senior Advisor Tim Buckley, Legislative Affairs Director Ryan Coleman, Deputy Chief of Community Relations and Constituent Affairs Mindy d’Arbeloff, Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources Judith Judson, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Martin Suuberg and 173 others.

The list provided contains a number of misspellings of people’s names, and does not identify invitees by job title.

Roy and Sisk used DCR-rented golf carts driven by DCR employees working at the Esplanade to ferry guests from the party to the Hatch Shell for a Boston Pops Independence Day dress rehearsal concert, according to a DCR memo.

Earlier this week, Gov. Charlie Baker said he was not invited to the party, and said he did not learn of the bash until Beaton reported the misuse of state resources to him, according to an interview transcript provided by the governor’s office.

“Let’s face it, the most important thing we need to do as an administration, is to retain and manage public trust. And a big part of public trust is ensuring that we’re playing by the same rules everyone else plays by,” Baker said, according to the transcript. “I think the fact they self-referred to the ethics commission, they’ve paid back any taxpayer funds sends a good message. But I also think the fact that the Secretary suspended them for a week without pay sends exactly the right type of message, which is that this is not the kind of behavior we support and we don’t condone it.”

Groups representing both Democrats and Republicans have called on Baker to go beyond the one week unpaid suspension handed out to Roy and Sisk and fire both employees.

But Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey said she thinks Baker has done enough to discipline Roy and Sisk, saying she does not “think this was an issue of crimes.”

“I think the administration took the right action. You’ve got to take swift immediate action. That is intolerable, unacceptable and I’m glad the administration took the action that it took,” Healey told reporters Thursday at an event in Roxbury. “The administration took the appropriate action, it appears. I don’t know all the specifics of the matter.”

Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/breakingnews/ci_30321674/guest-list-party-at-center-dcr-scandal-full#ixzz4MmMS4O3F

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Howie Carr Homerun

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

quabbin massachusetts island snake 



Howie Carr 2 days ago 905 Views

Pay no attention to their oily mea culpas in Athol this week — the state’s overpaid green hacks are still scheming to infest the Quabbin Reservoir with poisonous rattlesnakes. It’s just too colossally stupid an idea to ever give up.

Which is why some of Gov. Charlie Baker’s top payroll patriots trekked out to Athol this week. The coat holders spent hours begging 120 or so local yokels to give them time to set up a phony-baloney “working group” to stall six months or so until the heat dies down, after which the hacks can get back to overrunning an idyllic recreational area with serpents.

“We blew this terribly”, said the commissioner of Fish and Game, an ex-state rep who now makes $106,154 a year.  “Absolutely terribly.”

“Let me be very clear,” said the commissioner’s boss…

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opinion of Gen. Meehan

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

Rattlesnake Area Rattlesnake Area

Opinion of Gen. William Meehan

Ret. Brig. Gen. Meehan, Water supply protection trustee, weighs in on Quabbin snake proposal


Staff Reporter

Athol Daily News

BELCHERTOWN — Retired Brigadier Gen. William Meehan, of Athol, has weighed in on the state’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife’s plan to place endangered timber rattlesnakes on Mt. Zion Island at the Quabbin Reservoir.

Meehan is trustee of the Water Supply Protection Trust, representing the Quabbin Fishermen’s Association and the North Worcester County Quabbin Anglers Association.

In an email communication with the Athol Daily News, State Sen. Anne Gobi (D-Spencer), State Rep. Susannah Whipps Lee (R-Athol), and other state officials and outdoor enthusiasts, Meehan writes, in part: “This may be an exercise in futility (admitted lengthy), but I am going to exercise my right and responsibility as a trustee. Fred (Laskey), you cautioned us last we met to avoid creating a…

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