About Mike

The Quabbin Watershed is my ancestral homeland, this is why I created the blog. I am very concerned that someone is going to get bitten by a rattlesnake and the watershed will be closed.  I hike and fish in the watershed often.  Mary E Aldrich is my Great Grandmother.  The image is Mary’s house and automobile taken in 1929.  To the left of her house is Herricks Tavern, ironically across the road is Rattlesnake Hill.Acording to my mother Mary Aldrich was one half Indian.  Will the DCR restore the indiginous people to the Quabbin Watershed in the near future?  Mary Aldrich thought her house was taken so people in Boston would have drinking water.  No-where in my reaserch could I find that her house was taken so Mr. French could start a zoo!  By the way that is what Mr. French degree is in ZOOLOGY!  Mary E Aldrich


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