Belchertown snake meeting

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

Rattlesnake Area

SM2     2-28-17

A well attended rattlesnake study group meeting convened in Belchertown, Ma. On 2-28-17 at the town hall.  By well attended, I mean, the audience, public section was full.  The study group was not well attended. Two more rats (stooges) jumped the sinking Quabbin rattlesnake ship.  The only two stooges to attend were Buckley and French, the bottom of the stooge barrel. French was not allowed to speak still trying to recover from the mauling he received from Darwin; this left Buckley as the brains of the stooge board.  How scary is that?   The other stooges, Beaton, Peterson, and Roy had less hostile places to be.

Once meeting started the public was not allowed to speak, a tactic taken from the Trump play book.  Larson let me see if I got this right.  A public rattlesnake study group and the public is not allowed to speak.  Are you to…

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