#snake meeting 3, Ware

Rattlesnake Area

SM3 Ware

It was stooge Peterson’s (stooge Peterson is high in the stooge hierarchy maybe directly under the chairman of stooge board,  stooge Beaton, the puppeteer himself) turn to shine at SM3 (rattlesnake study group #3 held at Knights of Columbus Hall, Ware, Massachusetts On March22,2017.

This rattlesnake  study group never cease to amaze!  I walked into the  hall found a program and there it was,  “the three-minute rule” (time limit of three minutes if you wanted to speak),  and a series of hoops you had to jump through if you wanted to take advantage of “the three-minute rule”.  No game clock like basketball, so as I was first speaker, had to throw out punch line right off before I got cut off. “Larson lied to me”, I said.  He told me the accounting of the rattlesnake grant money was public knowledge and that the other Larson would give me a copy of the accounting.  As of 4-5-17 I haven’t received a copy of the accounting that is supposed to be public knowledge I’ve asked Marion Larson, Chief of information + education several times for the accounting of the rattlesnake grant monies.  What is this Larson thing?  Larson chairman of rattlesnake study group and Marion Larson Chief of information + education. I can not get any information out of either Larson.  Each time I try to speak with a Larson a stooge interrupts and speaks for a Larson. At Orange meeting it was stooge French, at Athol meeting it was stooge Beaton, at other Athol meeting it was stooge Roy, at Belchertown meeting it was stooge Buckley, at Ware meeting it was stooge Peterson.  One might think that the stooges are controlling this study group and pushing it in the direction they want it to go, rattlesnakes on Zion.

The singer went over three minutes.  The lady that had snake related data was cut off.  She had a question of science as pertains to how the number of timber rattlesnakes was arrived at.  She believes that the number of snakes in Massachusetts Is much greater than the 200 that the state claims.  This is a valid question and is of significant concern.  I could count three herpetologists from where I sat, none would touch this question What scientific method was used to count snakes in Massachusetts? If physical method was used, was every rock turned over or is 200 just an arbitrary number that is convenient for the endangered species program to use?  Science is not arbitrary.  The endangered species program is big on arbitrary in the Belchertown meeting Senator Gobi, I believe, who  asked how many timber rattlesnakes in Massachusetts?  The  answer she was given “It depends; it is an arbitrary number” The herpetologists could not come up with a number.  The state claims 200 but in reality it could be 10 or 1000 or more that exist in Massachusetts.  This is the kind of science the endangered species program uses. Arbitrary defined: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

Toward the end of meeting, Larson the chairman was asked when and where next meeting would be.  Peterson   grabs mic away from Larson.  Larson, he can’t do that, can he?  You are the chairman aren’t you?  Or are you just a wimp?    You should have grabbed the mic back and conked Peterson with it, or at the very least challenged him to a duel. If this had been a civilized and proper meeting with any degree of decorum displayed, I would have asked “The master of Arms” to have Peterson removed.  Peterson are you a King, a dictator, supreme ruler, or just a pompous A…… that you so perfectly displayed.

Peterson then spewed his qualities into mic; ignorance, aloofness and stupidity.  “I don’t see any reason to have another meeting.  “I am not learning anything new”.  I for one would argue that Peterson is not capable of learning, he is a terrible listener.  Peterson you are only one member of study group, and I will add not a significant member, this is first group meeting you have attended and your input was detrimental to rattlesnakes and the human race.

This snake study group is an embarrassment to all the citizens of Massachusetts. The State politicians (mostly do not show up  at meetings) with the exception of Senator Gobi who I believe has attended all the meetings. This last meeting in Ware my State Rep Lee-Whipps was absent.  Senator Lesser was absent.  My State Senator Rosenberg has not attended any snake meetings at all!  He is like like State Rep Whipps Lee not answerable to their constituents.  For over a year I’ve been trying to get an audience with Governor Baker, Rep Whipps Lee, and Senator Rosenberg to no avail. I am asking all readers to vote against those named at next election. I can understand Baker not getting back to me, he has his hands full with the five stooges he hired for the malignant DCR, then again he could fire the five stooges and hire some competent managers and possibly have time to answer constituents.

In summary The State of Massachusetts endangered species program is not based on science, it is based on arbitrary numbers.  Arbitrary defined:  based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. No one knows how many timber rattlesnakes live in Massachusetts furthermore; no one in State’s employ has any idea of how to scientifically count them!  This Arbitrary endangered species program is costing the taxpayers of Massachusetts millions of dollars.  I am asking the lawmakers to draft a bill to do away with endangered species program

Chain of command rattlesnake debacle

Governor Charlie Baker

Leo Roy          commissioner DCR       (91-million-dollar budget 2016) appointed by Baker

Matthew A. Beaton       secretary energy and environmental affairs (EEA) appointed by Baker

George Peterson Jr. commissioner Mass. Dept. fish & game

Jack Buckley director fish & wildlife

Tom French assistant director fish & wildlife

Tom French   director NHES (natural heritage and endangered species program)

French’s staff

Tara Boswell GIS manager

Chris Buelow assistant restoration ecologist

Karen Donlan finance and projects admin.

Karro Frost conservation planning botanist

Lauren Glorioso endangered species review assistant

Sarah Haggerty chief of info. And program development

Lynn Harper habitat protection specialist

Peter Hazelton aquatic ecologist

Amy Hoenig endangered species review biologist

Emily Holt endangered species review assistant

Tara Huguenin conservation data specialist

Kim Justham conservation data specialist

Jacob Kubel conservation scientist

Jesse Leddick endangered species review specialist

Jennifer Longsdorf administrative assistant

Lisa MacGillivary habitat mapping biologist/data specialist

Sarah Maier Natural Heritage database manager

Misty-Anne Marold senior endangered species review biologist

Carolyn Mostello coastal water bird biologist

Michael Nelson invertebrate zoologist

David Paulson endangered species review biologist

Brent Powers NRCS review biologist

Jonathan Regosin chief of conservation science

Eve Schluter chief of environmental review

Tim Simmons restoration ecologist

Patricia Swain natural community ecologist

Amanda Veinotte NHESP administrative coordinator

Andrew Vitz State ornithologist

Robert Wernerehl State botanist

Above are titled people, probably many more to do actual work, floor sweepers, coffee makers, paper shufflers, etc.

If the pointed nosed, pink striped grasshopper had a grasshopper lobby in the 100 million dollar range the stooges would be all over that like stink on s….   We have to save pointed nosed pink striped grasshoppers there are only 73 left in Massachusetts or pick an arbitrary number as endangered species program does!

Two things to take from this writing: 1) nature abhors a vacuum.  If the habitat is right the species will populate it, therefore there is no need for the endangered species program other than to enrichen the people listed above.  Why won’t the elected politicians do away with the endangered species program!

2)  The endangered species program is based on arbitrary numbers.  Arbitrary defined again:  based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system

I rest my case.


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