Belchertown snake meeting

Rattlesnake Area

SM2     2-28-17

A well attended rattlesnake study group meeting convened in Belchertown, Ma. On 2-28-17 at the town hall.  By well attended, I mean, the audience, public section was full.  The study group was not well attended. Two more rats (stooges) jumped the sinking Quabbin rattlesnake ship.  The only two stooges to attend were Buckley and French, the bottom of the stooge barrel. French was not allowed to speak still trying to recover from the mauling he received from Darwin; this left Buckley as the brains of the stooge board.  How scary is that?   The other stooges, Beaton, Peterson, and Roy had less hostile places to be.

Once meeting started the public was not allowed to speak, a tactic taken from the Trump play book.  Larson let me see if I got this right.  A public rattlesnake study group and the public is not allowed to speak.  Are you to far gone to see the problem with this concept?    Larson,  the chairman of study group,  looked around room at all the hands raised to get a chance to speak and got that confused look and immediately turned to Buckley and kissed or whispered into Buckley’s ear, from where I was sitting I couldn’t tell which.    After some time, Larson gained some composure and got some direction from Buckley (his mental acuity is questionable) and said “The public will not be allowed to speak as this will take to much time.” It appears that the stooge strategy is rush this. concept of informing the public through phony meetings, the quicker this is done, the better chance they have to infest the Quabbin, French’s private zoo, with rattlesnakes.

The keynote speaker Mike Jones gave a well prepared presentation of the history of rattlesnakes in Massachusetts.  The public muttered we are not here for a history lesson.  The speech was almost per batim of French’s 2016 speech at Mahar Regional High School, minus the zealotness of French.

The only item that everyone agreed on was the web-site Buckley set up sucks.  This reinforces the idea that this is a fait accompli, rattlesnakes Quabbin.    Public can not speak at public meeting and web-site sucks.  Goes to show you,  stooges want no public input.

Dr. Larson                 2-28-17

Dr. Larson, before meeting, I asked you about the quote from Athol meeting “but the money is all gone” You denied ever saying that.  I told you I had it on a CD.  Then you said “o that was original grant to study fungus.”  I said it was ½ million federal grant and a matching ½ million state grant for a total of one million dollars.  You then said it was only a ½ million federal grant.  I said it was million total but we could argue this latter.  I said I would like an accounting of were that money went.  You said “that is public knowledge”, I said could I have a copy of it.  You said, “I’ll have that lady over their give you a copy after meeting.”

Larson you lied to me.  What that lady gave me was a program of the meeting with no mention of money.  What I’m looking for is (you may have heard this word) ledger an accounting of where the 1-million-dollar rattlesnake grants were spent.

It might go something like this; anti-fungal powder for rattlesnake #174 Mt. Tom $5.23   one million minus five dollars and twenty-three cents leaves a balance of 999994.77

Cleansing solution for rattlesnake #71 Blue Hills $10.57

999994.77 minus ten dollars and fifty-seven leaves a balance of 99984.20

#2 pencils for note taking $.79

99984.20 minus seventy-nine cents leave a balance of 99983.41

and so on until the one million dollars is as you say “but it is all gone”.

Larson you are the chairman of study group and conveniently the chairman of fish and wildlife board.  Does this create a conflict of interest?   The five stooges (Beaton, Roy, Peterson, Buckley, and French) made you chairman of the two boards to try to gain some respectability.  You blew this terribly when you said “but the money is all gone” at Athol meeting.  One never mentions money when surrounded by a bunch of bent politicians.  The main reason you are chairman is you are easily controlled (a puppet) by the stooges.  This is evidenced when a question is asked and you immediately defer to Buckley whom is arguably the dimmest bulb on the stooge board.  Larson you are the chairman, supposed to be the man, capable of thinking on your feet, this seems to be absent from your skill set.    Larson you are involved with some bad actors in this snake, or money controversy.  You should have stayed in the make believe world of academia where everyone is nice to you and open.  Now you are involved in a harsh environment, where everything is secretive and aimed at monetary gain.  The stooges will trash you when they get through using you.  Larson you make u-mass Amherst look unethical if you are affiliated with campus in any way.

Public can not talk at public meetings, web-site sucks so I will submit my plan to save timber rattlesnakes in this writing.  Possibly one of the stooges will figure how to turn a computer on and read this.


Merit based system to save timber rattlesnakes in 5 existing



Snake haters do not need to read this writing as it describes a possible solution to keep the timber rattlesnakes from going extinct in Massachusetts.  Only people that are interested in saving the timber rattlesnake population in Massachusetts should read this.

No matter how you view this controversy, turn it sideways, turn it upside down, politics and money are staring you in the face.  Stocking timber rattlesnakes in Quabbin is a nonstarter.  Contrary to public belief many think that Quabbin is French’s private Zoo, he has overstepped his bounds for years, but I can see that coming to an end.  Howie Carr hit the nail on the head when he said “It’s just too colossally stupid idea to ever give up”

Two criteria are needed to save snakes and implement this plan; 1) Take the politics out of it, 2) Take the money (especially lobby money) out of it.   The difficulty arises when you look closely and see how intertwined the two criteria are, they have combined into the motive that is driving this controversy (money+ politics= GREED).  In ORGO we would call this a synthetic reaction  politics+money=greed.  The catalyst in this case is the abuse of power.   Pure naked greed is motivating past, present, and future politicians.   The snake lobby has more than 130 million dollars in assets, that will buy a lot of bent politicians.  This time they bought low quality, Baker and the five stooges, next time they might buy some people with a head on their shoulders.


The DCR has five stooges in it’s employ (actually many, many more than five) in this writing I am using five of the big dollar stooges, Beaton, Peterson, Roy, Buckley, and French.

Assign one stooge to each existing hibernaculum.   Draw straws or use some kind of lottery system to allot each stooge a hibernaculum randomly.   On August 1st of each year have inspection and snake count by Governor of Massachusetts him, or herself. Governor Baker says rattlesnakes are a swell idea, this plan would give him some hands on experience with rattlesnakes.    This will give governor a chance to see the dolts he, or she put in these important positions!  After August 1st inspection and snake count, low stooge is out (fired). There could be many factors that would influence inspection results such as number of snakes born, number of snakes killed health of existing snakes etc. Then advertise for a professional herpetologist to fill vacant position.  Have the law-makers draw a bill to establish a board (that is beholding to no one, unlike the study group that the majority receives a check from Massachusetts) to do the hiring, there-by taking the authority of the governor to put his political cronies (stooges) in these important positions.  Anyone that worked in, or contributed to governor’s campaign is disqualified.    After several years we would have a meritocracy system in place.  With five professional herpetologists in place, at existing hibernaculum (people educated in science biology in particular) one for each existing hibernaculum, instead of stooges, (snake lobbyists educated in who knows what), but specializing in skullduggery.

A meritocracy system in place is the best option for the survival of timber rattlesnakes in the commonwealth of Massachusetts in the five existing hibernacula.









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