Dr. Richmond

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

Dr. Richmond

Why you wandered off the reservation one can only guess, don’t think it is money (not because you have ethics) the stooges hunger for greed would not let money go below French) political pressure would be the best guess When the kids find out you sold out to the establishment, life as you know it is going to change drastically. This will be the last time I address you as Dr. Richmond, all respect is gone.   Why you turned I’ll leave to others.  What matters is you compromised your integrity, it is like virginity once you loose it you can never regain it.  Your statement that rattlesnake will disappear if they are not put into completely protected area. (might as well said Zion Quabbin) (is the exact spin the stooges wanted)You gave a couple examples.  One that I remember is someone was caught with a snake cut in…

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