#Dr. Richmond

Dr. Richmond

Why you wandered off the reservation one can only guess, don’t think it is money (not because you have ethics) the stooges hunger for greed would not let money go below French) political pressure would be the best guess.   When the kids find out you sold out to the establishment, life as you know it is going to change drastically. This will be the last time I address you as Dr. Richmond, all respect is gone.   Why you turned I’ll leave to others.  What matters is you compromised your integrity, it is like virginity once you loose it you can never regain it.  Your statement that, “rattlesnakes will disappear if they are not put into completely protected area.” (might as well said Zion Quabbin) (is the exact spin the stooges wanted)You gave a couple examples.  One that I remember is someone was caught with a snake cut in half and was prosecuted and fined fifty dollars, which you equated to a pizza on the way home.  When I was applauding your selection to study group it was for your biological knowledge.  At the time I did not know you were expert in criminal justice and law enforcement.  Were you a double major?  PhD in biology and PhD in criminal justice and law enforcement?  If you are an expert in criminal justice could you work with law makers to increase penalty to more than the price of a pizza on the way home You did say “the penalty for killing rattlesnake is so low that law enforcement won’t bother because, if they prosecute the perps only loose the price of a pizza” I believe you were trying to say punishment wasn’t enough to change behavior, but I’m not expert in criminal justice and law enforcement like you claim to be.

Say the stooges and Baker get their way with your help, rattlesnakes on Zion.  I have been informed by some snake-hating fishermen that they will set up a private bounty of 500 dollars for each rattlesnake killed probably not enough money a thousand would work better but you get the idea.  Run the numbers, there are many more snake haters than there are snake advocates.  Extinction would be   quick and complete.    In the end snakes would not be any safer on Zion, in reality they would be less safe with the fisherman bounty.

You being the expert on law enforcement and criminal justice how will you counter the illegal fisherman bounty?  This will require some critical thinking maybe you can bring in French and the rest of the stooges and create a mini and I stress mini-think-tank.  It has been said “that if brains were dynamite,  none of the stooges would  have enough to blow their nose.”

Critical thinking is not your strong point and this brings great shame to the u-mass Amherst campus.   A leak from snake lobby (don’t you hate leaks) says snake lobby will settle for nothing less than rattlesnakes on Zion. If no rattlesnakes on Zion, lobby will sever connections with Baker and the five stooges, how upsetting would that be?  It brings tears to my eyes.

You have left me with no choice but to convince lawmakers to draft a bill to do away with endangered species program.  Roll this around in your PhD mind and if it works you will come to the conclusion that Baker, and the five stooges’ worst nightmare will happen.  This will become a popularity contest between snake lovers versus snake haters, we of sound mind know the outcome of this contest.  Many on study group were willing to compromise, but snake lobby (people with 130 million dollars) are adamant, about rattlesnakes on Zion, therefore they can make Baker and the five stooges happy.  This is the classic stand-off.  Rattlesnakes loose either way, then again this was never about rattlesnakes!  Let me repeat “this was never about rattlesnakes”.

Any one with any common sense would understand, this leaves out many on study group, that if Zion is the perfect environment and protected area there would be rattlesnakes their now from days of old.  Richmond you are a disgrace to umass and no longer have my respect you belong in the group with the five stooges among the lowest of the homo sapiens, Evolution tree one rung up from whale poop and one rung below ambulance chasing lawyers.  You can take credit for turning this into a popularity contest which will end up hurting rattlesnakes. Your reward, you are much too low for monetary reward from snake lobby that ends with your pal French.  Your reward will come when kids find out you sold out to the establishment.  Maybe you will enjoy early retirement or maybe you can become the sixth stooge and enjoy jumping up and down as Beaton pulls the strings,The kids will say ” look the snake guy is dancing” “he used to be one of us”,” now he is doing the establishment dance.”

Rattlesnake Area


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