A plan to save timber rattlesnakes

rattlesnake snake timber
FILE– In this September 2008 handout file photograph from the Mass. Div. of Wildlife and Fisheries, a timber rattlesnake rests in a coil on a rock in Western Massachusetts. A plan by the state to start a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in Massachusetts’ largest drinking water supply is under fire. (Bill Byrne/The Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife via AP)

Merit based system to save timber rattlesnakes in 5 existing

hibernacula                            2-20-17

Snake haters do not need to read this writing as it describes a possible solution to keep the timber rattlesnakes from going extinct in Massachusetts.  Only people that are interested in saving the timber rattlesnake population in Massachusetts should read this.

No matter how you view this controversy, turn it sideways, turn it upside down, politics and money are staring you in the face.  Stocking timber rattlesnakes in Quabbin is a non-starter.  Contrary to public belief many think that Quabbin is French’s private Zoo, he has overstepped his bounds for years, but I can see that coming to an end.  Howie Carr hit the nail on the head when he said “It’s just too colossally stupid idea to ever give up”

Two criteria are needed to save snakes and implement this plan; 1) Take the politics out of it, 2) Take the money (especially lobby money) out of it.   The difficulty arises when you look closely and see how intertwined the two criteria are, they have combined into the motive that is driving this controversy (money+ politics= GREED).  In ORGO we would call this a synthetic reaction   politics+money=greed.  The catalyst in this case is the abuse of power.   Pure naked greed is motivating past, present, and future politicians.   The snake lobby has more than 130 million dollars in assets, that will buy a lot of bent politicians.  This time they bought low quality, Baker and the five stooges, next time they might buy some people with a head on their shoulders.

The DCR has five stooges in it’s employ (actually many, many more than five) in this writing I am using five of the big dollar stooges, Beaton, Peterson, Roy, Buckley, and French.

Assign one stooge to each existing hibernaculum.   Draw straws or use some kind of lottery system to allot each stooge a hibernaculum randomly.   On August 1st of each year have inspection and snake count by Governor of Massachusetts him, or herself. Governor Baker says rattlesnakes are a swell idea, this plan would give him some hands on experience with rattlesnakes.    This will give governor a chance to see the dolts he, or she put in these important positions!  After August 1st inspection and snake count, low stooge is out (fired). There could be many factors that would influence inspection results such as number of snakes born, number of snakes killed health of existing snakes etc. Then advertise for a professional herpetologist to fill vacant position.  Have the law-makers draw a bill to establish a board (that is beholding to no one, unlike the study group that the majority receives a check from Massachusetts) to do the hiring, there-by taking the authority of the governor to put his political cronies (stooges) in these important positions.  Anyone that worked in, or contributed to governor’s campaign is disqualified.    After several years we would have a meritocracy system in place.  With five professional herpetologists in place, at existing hibernaculum (people educated in science biology in particular) one for each existing hibernaculum, instead of stooges, (snake lobbyists educated in who knows what), but specializing in skullduggery.

A meritocracy system in place is the best option for the survival of timber rattlesnakes in the commonwealth of Massachusetts in the five existing hibernacula.


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