“but the money is all gone”



Snake meeting 1-30-17

Athol Town Hall 6:35 p.m.

The chairman of snake study group hand-picked by Beaton, Dr. Joseph Larson whispers in his elderly gentleman’s lilt “but the money is all gone”.  This was in reply to a question about when the grant money had to be spent asked by an approved study group member.  This was the climax of the meeting.

The meeting was poorly set-up by the dept. fish and wildlife, no name tags in front of the hand-picked by Beaton study group.  The stooges were evident by their dialog, but others I had trouble distinguishing like the man that asked Dr. Larson when the money had to be spent by.  No mic for the peanut gallery because they were not allowed to speak by design of stooge board.    The audience was not allowed to participate,  a tactic taken from Trump’s play book.   The audio was horrible, they passed a mic around at head table but I don’t think the amplifier was turned on.  The chairman kept the mic 2 feet away and faced the person, as a gentleman would, he was addressing.  As a result, no one heard except the person he was addressing.  Senator Gobi and Rep.  Lee and General Meehan spoke loudly enough that they were audible without amplifying.  It must have been horrible for French tethered up in the back corner of the room.

The three stooges (Peterson, Roy, and Buckley) spent more time talking about piping plovers than rattlesnakes. Leo Roy came in late, disturbing the meeting; I guess Baker won’t let him use the bubblegum lights on the roof of his state issued SUV anymore or maybe he had to steal something from another town on the way in.

Ineptitude was the theme on display from the stooges (Peterson, Roy, and especially Buckley).  Buckley, when queried about web- page, he continually rubbed his head as if he rubbed his head enough a web-page would materialize.  He was totally befuddled with the concept of a web-page.  He said “A web-page would be very difficult to do right” One got the impression that anything would be hard for him to do right, the type of guy that would get his finger stuck if he attempted to pick his nose. He said there might be so much data it would be hard to make any sense of it. I wanted so badly to shout the word algorithm and send him into shock.  Buckley reinforced the notion that he is a dolt by addressing General Meehan as Colonel Meehan.  General Meehan was trying to help the stooges by handing them an outline on where to start on this project.  The three stooges (Peterson, Roy, and Buckley) didn’t have a clue where to start on existing hibernaculum.  You can’t fix stupid!

I discovered that my favorite pen was missing, so next day I go back to town hall and ask custodian if he has seen it? He  says” no”,  and tells me he thinks a chair is missing and what are my thoughts on that?  I say, “That is Leo Roy’s area of expertize stealing from the citizens of the commonwealth.”  “I would ask him.”

Thank you Rep. Whipps for getting involved in rattlesnake debate, you told 22news before meeting you were happy that discussion was starting.  We the people of The Quabbin Watershed (the citizens you are supposed to be representing) have been discussing rattlesnakes Quabbin since Feb. 2016.  Welcome aboard Rep. Whipps better late than never. Rep. Lee, would you look into the “the money is all gone” quote by chairman Larson?  Did the rattlesnakes get the money or did the five stooges get the money?    I am still waiting to get an audience with you. Will you change your policy of not meeting with constituents and schedule  a meeting?  Senator Gobi thank you for the work you’ve done and are doing on this issue, you have been a strong voice throughout this debate. Stephanie thank you for attending and keeping Senator Lessor up to date, I look forward to working with you in future.

All controversies are driven by either love, or money, or sex, or a combination of all three.  We can safely rule out love and sex when it comes to rattlesnakes.  I am going way out on a limb here.      This is all about money!

The three stooges (Peterson, Roy, and Buckley were committed to the original scheme, rattlesnakes stocked on Zion, but said they would listen to other alternatives but audience was not allowed to speak and Buckley was still confusing himself over web-site, please tell me how they would listen?  I have a plan to save timber rattlesnakes but no means to communicate with study group.    Senator Gobi, Senator Lesser, Rep. Lee, and General Meehan want to improve existing den sites, the stooges will not divulge any info on existing hibernaculum other than to say We the managers have done a horrible job of protecting existing den sites.  Every meeting the stooges have been asked for data on existing hibernaculum.    They either have no data (the stooges never considered improving existing den sites) or they are not willing to share data.

We the citizens of the Quabbin Watershed and in reality the whole state of Massachusetts pay an extremely high price for political patronage.  We are stuck with the five stooges (Beaton, Peterson, Roy, Buckley, and French) all five stooges have admitted they have done a horrible job of protecting rattlesnakes in existing(hibernaculum) den sites, fire them and go to Cumby’s or maybe try MacDonald’s this time and hire some competent managers.  They are protected   because they harvested a few votes or a few dollars (same thing) for Baker.

Unprofessional, pathetic, incompetent, farce are the four adjectives that best describe this gathering!  One adjective for each stooge that participated in this melee.

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7 thoughts on ““but the money is all gone”

  1. Funny this guy in RI was on Western MA news the other day saying how these snakes don’t bite of you leave them alone. Not true, my neighbor was bitten by one near GCC. He said they are all over the place. This guy from RI also made a comment that there are sooooooo many of these snakes in the Berkshires and people hiking through there don’t seem to get bitten… Well if there are sooooooo many in the Berkshires and my old neighbor saw them all the time sunning themselves on the rocks… This guy sounds like the’real deal’ of fake news.. let him make a sanctuary where they can live in RI. Keep MA out of it..

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  2. If there are sooooo many at in the Berkshires…….Why do we need anymore?
    How many Timber Rattlesnakes EXACTLY does MA have?
    What is the Magic Number that puts them on the Endangered List?
    Fix the 5 Dens first then you might not have to make anymore……..


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