P2 rattlesnake study group


Quabbin rattlesnake study group named

part 2

State Senator Anne Gobi, Dr. Joseph Larson (will serve as chairman), Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game, George Peterson Jr. , Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Leo Roy a thief that stole from us tax-payers 7-4-2016 Director of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Jack Buckley, original stooge #4 appointed by Baker State Senator Eric Lesser, State Rep. Susannah Whipps Lee (R Athol), Dan Hammock, Quabbin Fishermen’s Association, Athony Brighenti, North Worcester County Quabbin Anglers and Quabbin Watershed Advisory Council, Nancy Talbot, Selectperson and town clerk for Ware, William Barnett, town of Belchertown appointee, David Small, Athol Bird and Nature Club, Dr. Mike Jones, state herpetologist, Dr. Alan Richmond (the snake guy, and the only person that knows what he is talking about, when it is about rattlesnakes, on this panel that I have spoken to.

I am appalled that Beaton (Baker’s go to stooge and chairman of the stooge board) would name Leo Roy to study group.  He should be in jail for his actions on and around 7-4-16.  To say he has no creditability in the North Quabbin Region or in the State of Massachusetts would be an understatement!  The man was caught  stealing from the tax-payers of Massachusetts, now you want him to advise us on rattlesnakes Quabbin, get real! We may be ignorant out here in The North Quabbin Region, as snake club president, Kurt Schatz wrote, but this is pushing it too far.  The study group Leo Roy belongs on is the prison study group.

State Rep. Susanna Whipps Lee is a non sequitur for the following reasons:  1) no interest, at the first snake meeting she (came late) stood in back corner of RMHS auditorium asked no questions and was among the first to leave.  I could not catch her before she disappeared.  That following week I spent several hours trying to contact her by phone, e-mail to no avail.  Late in the week I found her office (us tax-payers pay for) on Main St. Athol open.  I went in and spoke to a woman called Missy whom proceeded to tell me how important she was. Missy told me I was to emotional which I find a sexist remark!    When she wound down I explained my concerns and requested an audience with Rep. Lee. She said Rep. Lee was much to busy to talk with a constituent, maybe when things slowed down she could find time. I did have a brief phone conservation with Rep Lee that week, expressed my three concerns with her1) rattlesnakes Quabbin, 2) Prescott Peninsular, 3) whereabouts is petition to end Quabbin deer hunt.  Rep. Lee said it wasn’t right that I couldn’t set foot on Prescott Peninsular and that politicians and their cronies could do as they wish on peninsula. She said she would ask around Beacon Hill and get back to me, hasn’t happened yet.  Rattlesnakes Quabbin, Rep. Lee feigned ignorance, wouldn’t touch subject almost like she would get bitten if she talked about rattlesnakes.  Concern #3 what happened to petition with over1800 signatures to end Quabbin deer hunt, it was sent to Boston and seems to have disappeared. She said she would ask around Beacon Hill and get back to me, has not happened yet. I trudged back to Rep. Lee office on main Street Athol and spoke with Missy again.  I ask her if she can find out what happened to petition to end Quabbin deer hunt, she says she will make some calls.  I tell her to call State Police Barracks in Belchertown and ask there about the trooper that did the petition.  Few days later I ask Missy how she made out with petition, she says I got nowhere, no one ever heard of petition.  Next week I go to Belchertown State Police Barracks and ask clerk on the window and she says that would be trooper so and so, it took less than five minutes.  Now I am angry, before Rep. Lee comes up for election I have to look up and contact over 1800 people and their significant others and explain what work your office has done for them.   I left it like that Its been almost a year now and I haven’t gained an audience with Rep. Lee

At marathon Athol snake meeting Rep Lee sat high on Alter with rest of sitting politicians.  For the first half of meeting she sat in her chair texting on a smart phone, or some such device.  She is so important, has a business to run, a State to run who can blame her for not paying attention to speakers. Can’t fault her too much on this because mostly they were saying nothing except when Senator Gobi spoke and asked hard questions which they had no prepared answers for, Rep. Lee you should have come to attention for Senator Gobi, shame on you Rep. Lee!     Next time I looked at her an aide approached her and handed her a bag.  She looked in bag took what looked like a candy bar and handed one to the person on her right side and then handed one to the person on her left side and proceeded to gobble rest of the bag of bars.  The reporter sitting aside of me in peanut gallery says” Who is that woman.” I replied “I am not proud to say she is my State Rep.” All this time I do not dare move or take a potty break or try to find a drink of water afraid that Rep. Lee might utter something.  The four stooges were sitting about three feet in front of me with four cases of bottled water they didn’t offer any around, maybe that in part is why they are stooges.

It happened a little over the halfway point.  Rep Lee looks up and exclaimed to the whole town hall “It’s not an island”.  It is not what she said (everyone in town hall knew it wasn’t an island except her and I had showed her a picture of Zion in Feb. 2016) it is the way she said it Almost like she had an epiphany eyes ablaze excited voice.   That one liner was her sole contribution to marathon meeting.

In August Rep. Lee decided or Baker or Beaton or the party decided she should be on snake study group.  Why all of a sudden did she have interest in rattlesnakes Quabbin?  For the previous six months she wouldn’t broach subject.

In conclusion we have 3 stooges (Peterson, Roy, and Buckley that are just going to say what Beaton tells them to say, why not just get rid of the 3stooges and replace them in the hot seat with Beaton, chairman of the stooge board.  Leo Roy has no ethics, shouldn’t be allowed in the Athol Town Hall period. State Rep. Lee should be disqualified for above stated reasons and being a terrible home town host.

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