rattlesnake study group

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

Rattlesnake Study Group1


This is the first part of a two piece writing on the people named to be on rattlesnake study group.  I’ll start with the positive side first.   Kudos for Dr. Alan Richmond and Senator Eric Lesser.

Dr. Richmond is expert in the herpetological field the kind of snakes that slither; the snakes that inhibit Beacon Hill he might find tiresome.  How did he get named to group?  Did French (the past expert, and one of the five stooges) end up proving that Darwin’s theory of natural selection still holds true? It is rumored they stashed French and his velvet tongue in a broom closet a victim of Darwin and replaced him with Dr. Richmond.  French is now giving elocution lessons by appointment only.    An update since I last wrote Leo Roy, appointed by Baker, has earned the high dishonor of becoming the fifth stooge something about…

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