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Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich

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Howie Carr 2 days ago 905 Views

Pay no attention to their oily mea culpas in Athol this week — the state’s overpaid green hacks are still scheming to infest the Quabbin Reservoir with poisonous rattlesnakes. It’s just too colossally stupid an idea to ever give up.

Which is why some of Gov. Charlie Baker’s top payroll patriots trekked out to Athol this week. The coat holders spent hours begging 120 or so local yokels to give them time to set up a phony-baloney “working group” to stall six months or so until the heat dies down, after which the hacks can get back to overrunning an idyllic recreational area with serpents.

“We blew this terribly”, said the commissioner of Fish and Game, an ex-state rep who now makes $106,154 a year.  “Absolutely terribly.”

“Let me be very clear,” said the commissioner’s boss…

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