well-fare eagles

Wildlife Quabbin Valley with Mike Krunklevich




This is a work of fiction; it could not have happened this way, in this great State of Massachusetts, could it?   I used eagles in this writing, but you could substitute loons, rattlesnakes, or soon to be endangered whitetail deer.  The same corrupt bureaucratic process is used.

A short synopsis of the Quabbin eagle will be discussed in this writing.

“The Quabbin Reservoir is the site of Mass. Wildlife’s well known and successful American Bald Eagle restorationproject.” Taken from Energy and Environmental Affairs (yet another sub-bureaucracy under the DCR) (DCR) publication.

I was somewhat surprised when talking to a political person that seemed to have a strong connection with the great outdoors and I mentioned well-fare eagles.  She was taken aback as I explained the reality of what happens when man endeavors to fix or help nature (play God as NHES does).

Enter DCR (department…

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