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Kurt Schatzl

Kurt thank you for your comments.  Allow me to clarify a few points.  I am not a snake hater.  My displeasure comes from money scheming politicians trying to profit themselves under the guise save the timber rattlesnake.  Secondly I am not an ambassador for anyone. I will not run if nominated, I will not serve if elected. Thirdly I will not deny my ignorance, but my neighbors (North Quabbin Area) may not be pleased with you calling them ignorant.   Politics, especially dirty politics is not my cup of tea.   All opinions and views are my personal views, unless otherwise attributed at end of article with another author.  This blog is just to get comments and opinions to the public.  I am going to include your comments in entirety.  Finally try to understand I have to write at the level that the four stooges and Baker can get the essence of it.  Would you prefer it if I wrote up, or would you prefer it if I wrote down?  I am to modest to say I can do either.

Again thanks Kurt, I am looking forward to your future comments!


Kurt Schatzl, President, New England Herpetological Societya

Hi Mike. I witnessed your rambling, incoherent speech at the first Quabbin/Mt. Zion Island hearing. I see your writing isn’t much more lucid. It’s hard to believe that the snake-haters out your way have seen fit to make you their ambassador for information services. Hard to believe but still strangely appropriate. How come nothing made the news when they launched huge platform barges on Quabbin for loon restoration or when they erected the equivalent of a gigantic jungle gym for bald eagle nesting..? Now it’s about snakes and venomous ones at that and never mind trying to educate your deliberately ignorant neighbors out there. We have the best education system on the planet here in Massachusetts and out there, it’s all for nothing



Out there?  (North Quabbin Area)?  mk



3 thoughts on “comments of Kurt Schatzl

  1. Wow! Some people just think it’s ok to put down other people who don’t agree with them and being pretty rude about it too.We don’t need to make a whole new Den out here and that grant money said to fix the ones that exist not make a new one.

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