Rattlesnake Area
Rattlesnake Area


Governor Baker = Snakegate

I’m going to throw this up on the web, possibly you or one of your minions will come across it.  I tried for a week to contact your office via phone, and e-mail, 0 nada one may suspect you are not available to your constituents. The day after I gave up trying to contact you, I received five robo-calls saying it was Charlie Baker speaking and proceeded to tell me whom to vote for which I found very condescending. Are you trying to tell me I am not smart enough to figure out who to vote for? One might deduce you are a self-serving governor.   Do you think you are some kind of deity?  People will blindly follow you out of awe?  Now that I have written the anger out, let’s get to the meat of this communication.

Back to Snakegate. This writing was started in February 2016, approximately the time that the Snakegate cover-up was initiated.  This writing got sidetracked meeting your political cronies.  Jeepers Creepers, where did you get these people, Cumby’s (Cumberland farms)?  From what I’ve seen they have impeccable qualifications to be politicians of the worst sort.  They can lie, cheat, and grovel with the best of them as evidenced by the three public meetings.    Beaton, Peterson, Buckley, and French the four stooges.  I haven’t seen a grouping of mental midgets like this since the last time I was in Washington, D.C.  It is no wonder the DCR is the largest cancer the commonwealth of Massachusetts has ever endured.  I can’t pin the cancerous DCR on Governor Baker, the DCR was Governor Romney’s folly. One can blame Governor Baker for nurturing the cancerous DCR.

You came out early on in favor of putting rattlesnakes in Quabbin.  This concept (putting rattlesnakes in Quabbin) will be referred to asSnakegate in future writings.  This controversy is so similar to the Watergate scandal; Crimes committed, guilt admitted by your appointed political cronies. At the meeting at Mahar Regional High School Mr. French said, “I and my boss Mr. Buckley are guilty of not protecting the timber rattlesnakes at the five existing sites we have done a horrible job.  Why are Buckley and French still employed?  Along with the grant money comes fiduciary duty and responsibility, this has been violated by French, Buckley, Beaton, Peterson, and Baker.  Snakegate governor Baker you are guilty of not being reachable to your constituents.  In essence you are stealing from me!      Governor Baker and Snakegate are so intertwined it is difficult to find where one starts and ends.  Maybe you should read up on Watergate, the cover up was the downfall of Nixon, he did the honorable thing and resigned.     You also came out early and backed Cris Cristie, how did that work out?  Do you just make bad decisions or do you have incompetent advisors?   What was your payback?     A quote on WHDH TV “I’m in favor of rattlesnakes in Quabbin, it is short money, 500,000 dollars.”  Please define short money.  Please forgive me for my ignorance, I’m just a woodchuck.  Is 500,000 dollars something like a half million dollars?  How much did you rake in?  Be careful of the green ear (

I hope this does not mean we can not be pals.  Kinda looking forward to you inviting me to go with you to Prescott Peninsula, so we can play with the royalty.   Sounds like great fun.

Congratulations, heard you were trying to make a name for yourself.  Snakegate might be the publicity vehicle you are looking for.  Maybe you can get Donald J to build a wall around Snakegate, hear he is big on walls, whoops that won’t work, forgot for a moment, you backed that blowhard from New Jersey.

Senator Gobi, Senator Lesser and any other concerned lawmakers would you please move this on to Ma. Attorney General, action needs to be taken. Rattlesnake grant has been egregiously violated. A paper and electronic trail is so evident a blind man could follow it.  Baker, Peterson, Beaton, Buckley, and French are complicit in Snakegate.  I’m guessing that the higher ups have set French up to take the fall, not that he doesn’t deserve it, but this goes much higher.

Follow the money, this has always been about money, All the major players start off with a six figure salary.   French salary of 105,000 plus the drag> Buckley salary of 121,000 plus the drag> Beaton salary of 161,522 plus the drag>Peterson salary of 120,000 plus the drag > Baker salary of 151,800 plus the drag.  From Baker it goes back down to Peterson and so on.  Notice Baker gets the drag going booth ways, he must have been a business major in school.  When it gets back down to French> it goes to the Zoo in R. I. Who said there is no money in snakes?    Is this some kind of elaborate grant money laundering scheme?  Whom has the brother-in-law in R. I. zoo (Roger Williams Park Zoo)?  Whom is the key word here.

I am waiting for the deep throat equivalent to call and say whom. It appears the cover-up of Snakegate will go on until a whistle-blower emerges.   When this happens Snakegate will unravel like a cheap ten-dollar suit!    Baker and the four stooges may be awarded an orange jumpsuit and share a prison with Hillary, where they can tell each other how great they are.

Don’t you love happy endings?


6 thoughts on “Snakegate

  1. Hi Mike. I witnessed your rambling, incoherent speech at the first Quabbin/Mt. Zion Island hearing. I see your writing isn’t much more lucid. It’s hard to believe that the snake-haters out your way have seen fit to make you their ambassador for information services. Hard to believe but still strangely appropriate. How come nothing made the news when they launched huge platform barges on Quabbin for loon restoration or when they erected the equivalent of a gigantic jungle gym for bald eagle nesting..? Now it’s about snakes and venomous ones at that and never mind trying to educate your deliberately ignorant neighbors out there. We have the best education system on the planet here in Massachusetts and out there, it’s all for nothing.


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