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Pay no attention to their oily mea culpas in Athol this week — the state’s overpaid green hacks are still scheming to infest the Quabbin Reservoir with poisonous rattlesnakes. It’s just too colossally stupid an idea to ever give up.

Which is why some of Gov. Charlie Baker’s top payroll patriots trekked out to Athol this week. The coat holders spent hours begging 120 or so local yokels to give them time to set up a phony-baloney “working group” to stall six months or so until the heat dies down, after which the hacks can get back to overrunning an idyllic recreational area with serpents.


“We blew this terribly”, said the commissioner of Fish and Game, an ex-state rep who now makes $106,154 a year.  “Absolutely terribly.”

“Let me be very clear,” said the commissioner’s boss, the secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, who by an amazing coincidence is also an ex-solon, making $161,522 a year, “in saying that I am sincerely sorry.”

Sorry that he got caught, that is. Who could have ever imagined that local residents might object to having the state use their tax dollars to ruin their parkland with venomous vipers?

You know the mad plot: the state would put the deadly snakes where they supposedly couldn’t escape, on Mount Zion “Island,” which is connected to the mainland by a causeway, a fact that makes it a peninsula. But that’s only the beginning of the state’s BS. First it was implied, if not actually stated, that rattlesnakes were extinct in Massachusetts.


Except of coarse they’re not.  There are newspaper stories about rattler bites in Dracut.  There’s a Rattlesnake Gutter Road in Leverett.  Well, are the snakes at least “endangered?”  Er well, would believe “vulnerable?”


It got worse at the meeting with the public last week at Athol Town Hall.  The hacks conceded that state is home to at least five colonies, including a “reservation” in Blue Hills, where a fungus has killed off most of them. Is it un-PC to ask if this constitutes bad news—fewer poisonous serpents in a conservation area frequented by the public?


But the state rolls out the red carpet for snakes.  They get treated almost as well as illegal aliens.  Poisonous snakes actually get free health care—some of the fungus-infected rattlers have even been shipped out-of-state, down to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence for treatment.  Who knew?


The Worcester Telegram reported: “Twenty infected rattlesnakes have been treated and returned to existing habitats.”


You know those illegal-alien UAC’s (unaccompanied children) down on the boarder-well, the reptilian community of Massachusetts apparently has its own UAC’s in Rhode Island, likewise awaiting relocation.


“Five juvenile rattlers are being reared at the zoo and will be a year old in August.”  Isn’t that special?


Even though there’s a porta-potty on Mount Zion for anglers, after the first snake bite the site will be off limits.  Which is what the state really wants after what they call the “persecution” of the snakes by human beings, which has “mostly eradicated” the snakes, as one of the biologists told the persecutors, i.e., citizens.  Key word: “mostly.”


The snakes need their own personal sect.8 vouchers for “deep hibernation.”  On welfare, free health care, like to sleep-no wonder the ex-state reps like the rattlers so much.  How can such a population be in decline in modern Massachusetts?  Everything in this state is designed to make their slithery lives even slither.


By the way; it wasn’t just evil white people who conspired against the noble reptile.  There used to be more of them when the ma. Climate was warmer—pay no attention to that “global warming”, folks.  Whenever the climate becomes an inconvenient truth, the greens just flip the narrative back to that seventies bugaboo, “global cooling.”  Settled science just means, whatever a moonbat feels like claiming at that moment, that settles it.


Meanwhile, the day after the forum in Athol, down in Tampa a 7-year old girl was about to be attacked by a rattlesnake when her dog threw himself in front of the viper and was badly bitten.  The owners of the wonder dog had to start a GoFundMe page to pay for the canine’s vet bills.


That’s America for you.  The heroes have to pay their own ways.  The snakes are on the dole.


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