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This is a work of fiction; it could not have happened this way, in this great State of Massachusetts, could it?   I used eagles in this writing, but you could substitute loons, rattlesnakes, or soon to be endangered whitetail deer.  The same corrupt bureaucratic process is used.

A short synopsis of the Quabbin eagle will be discussed in this writing.

“The Quabbin Reservoir is the site of Mass. Wildlife’s well known and successful American Bald Eagle restoration project.” Taken from Energy and Environmental Affairs (yet another sub-bureaucracy under the DCR) (DCR) publication.

I was somewhat surprised when talking to a political person that seemed to have a strong connection with the great outdoors and I mentioned well-fare eagles.  She was taken aback as I explained the reality of what happens when man endeavors to fix or help nature (play God as NHES does).

Enter DCR (department of conservation and recreation) or more specifically NHES (Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program) one of the many small cancers in the DCR, the main cancer!  This main cancer was conceived by then Governor Mitt Romney in 2003. Governor Romney was positioning himself for a run for the president. of the USA, and accumulated many political pay-back debts because of his ambitions.  In this massive bureaucracy, DCR, you could hide everyone’s brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or kids.  You can hide probably half the population of Massachusetts inside the DCR but not the massive fleet of white pick-up trucks with DCR printed on them visible at all convenience stores, donut shops etc.

..  The philosophy seems to be we can make as many new sub-bureaucracies, NHES, etc. As long as we hire some professional grant writers (called professional thieves in some circles).  If it looks like all these sub-bureaucracies are funded by grants the public will go along with it, the naive public thinks grant money is free money.  Governor Romney didn’t have time to govern Massachusetts, his time was directed toward Washington, D.C., so the Peter principle took over and spread like wildfire.

Most project managers (Peter principle) take the defensive upon hearing any negative comments about their specific project, especially financial questions. It annoys me when they reply I received a grant to clone dinosaurs to restock in Quabbin. It is said in the tone that the grant money just fell out of the big bank in the sky with a sticky note attached saying “here is some free money” go clone a dinosaur and I think they expect the laymen to believe this.  Some of these project managers are so far around the bend (approaching becoming a zealot) they probably believe the money is free.  Ultimately the grant money comes from the bottom tier, us in the bottom tier have many names such as the workingman, peasants, woodchucks, and proletariat.  All wealth is created by the bottom tier on the economic ladder and gathered by the people on the top rung of the economic ladder.   We are the people (bottom tier) that have to fill the grant money bank in the sky (it is called taxes when they are filling the grant bank) bank in the sky by design of the wealthy, nobleman, politicians, and bourgeoisie.  We all know that we are not smart enough to decide how to spend our money, that’s why we have politicians.    We have established that grant money is not free it comes from the workingman in this case and probably always will.  Let’s take an example; Bill Gates made incalculable money selling windows to the workingmen around the world.  Now he is a philanthropist giving grants here there and everywhere.

Back to the eagle restoration project.  In the beginning everything goes smoothly, plenty of grant money for all of the fat cats at the top and most likely some of the grant money is actually used on the project.  As time goes on grant money is running low and the project manager’s boss probably educated in another field; Let’s say he or she has a degree in computer science. (Who probably is a politician appointed by another politician possibly the governor) as a political payback.  The project manager’s boss is a, Peter principle person and knows very little about eagles. Comes down hard on project manager and says we have to finish up this project quickly grant money is almost gone.  Let us build some loon lodges and be done with it.  The project manager can’t say it rained for four weeks and he couldn’t do field work, or say the thousand dollars he was given from five-million-dollar grant wasn’t enough to do the actual project.  The four million and change (from five million grant) was used up by the fat cats in Boston and labeled administrative costs with little or no transparency and accountability.     Ladies and gentlemen this is how the well-fare eagles were created.

Grant money gone, project manager gone, eagles left to fend for themselves.  They follow fishing boats looking for a free meal and oftentimes a fisherman will give them a fish (everyone wants to see an eagle close up).  The eagles have evolved to be quite fussy what species of fish they want to eat   they now prefer salmonoids to heavily scaled fish such as sunfish or bass.  Lake trout is mostly what the fishermen feed eagles at Quabbin.   The salmon and trout fishing at Quabbin have been poor for the last two or three years.  Most fishermen think it is due to the low smelt population, biologists don’t have a clue.  As a result of poor salmon and trout fishing at Quabbin: eagles now fly to Lake Mattawa in Orange for a free meal.

A fisherman told me he was hit in the back by an eagle while he was reeling in a fish at the Quabbin, he wasn’t hurt but it shocked him.

This is what happens when WASP-man gets a guilty conscious and (plays God) tries too alter nature.  We end up with well-fare eagles and the fat cats, mostly (WASPS)get richer and fatter.

Didn’t this happen to the indigenous people (Indians), black people, and anyone that is not a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestant)?

The irony of this is the state of New Hampshire has an established eagle population, not well-fare eagles, they won’t come near you. This happened all by itself’, N.H. didn’t have to create a dozen bureaucracies and spend untold dollars to make fat cats fatter.  Nature abhors a vacuum this is opening statement in biology 101.   If the habitat is suitable the eagles will come.  The people at NHES (Natural Heritage and Endangered Species) (the people who get to play God) think this is a great success well-fare eagles! These same people probably believe we should build casinos for indigenous people and more jails for the black people. The DCR is just the opposite of wall street, it is so big and infected with the Peter principle, it had to fail.

Let’s cut to the chase this is nothing more than a money grab, scandal, or what ever you want to call it. It is all about money, mostly grant money, from the Governor’s office down.

I am asking State Sen. Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) and

State Rep. Susannah Whipps Lee (R-Athol) to take action on all the problems discussed in this writing.  Senator and Rep, before you tell me you have no authority in regard to grant money (a major problem), you can hold sub-bureaucracy managers and project managers accountable for every penny of the grant.  The sub-bureaucracy managers and project managers have to be held accountable for their fiduciary duty.  For sub-bureaucracies like NHES (Natural Heritage and Endangered Species) (the agency that gets to play God) you can legislate them right out of existence.  Rep. Lee I spoke with you a couple weeks ago and you said you were busy with the State budgets. All the above is a large part of budget.

I am trying to help you, I am working on an invention that will turn a person’s left ear green if he, or she pockets a slice of grant money.  From the governor on down all you will have to look for left side green ear.  It should make your job much easier.

For the WASPS with the guilty conscious go find a church.  I don’t want you playing with my money to ease your guilt.

The NHES (Natural Heritage and Endangered Species) motto sums it up nicely.

Get Grant money

Do stupid things faster

and with more energy


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