reply to (w2)

Reply to rebuttal (w2)

Quabbin project

Hello Mike
I just finished reading your rebuttal. I am in favor of the project, and I completely agree with your critique of the PR campaign put forth by the state. In my opinion, they really dropped the ball by not having a better plan ready at hand for the most important stage, gaining acceptance and trust from the public. I have seen this before, and no one likes to be patronized. Unbelievable. It is almost as if they expected no objections. Very condescending.

So, going in with that attitude, misstatements if not outright lies were made. And some backpedaling has occurred out of necessity. I think he actually said they couldn’t swim, in an earlier interview. That got corrected. Unfortunately the arrogance has pushed away the public, and gaining trust is now going to be that much harder. I can’t believe what a blunder that was. Selling the idea was already going to be an uphill battle.


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