Rebuttal on public hearing to introduce rattlesnakes in Quabbin (w2)

The performance of Mr. French both appalled and saddened me at the public hearing held at RCMR high school last night (2-23-16) Mr. French acted and spoke like a politician, which was evident after his opening deluge.  I asked Mr. French his credentials much to his dismay (he did not want any questions until he was through speaking) He didn’t offer his credentials, like a civilized speaker would, until I queried him.  He claimed to be a scientist with degrees up to and including a PhD and post doc work.  Ex president George bush jr. claimed to have degrees from Yale, I write this because I would rate them as intellectual equals.  Possibly if things don’t work out at Quabbin for Mr. French could move to Texas and join jr. in the think tank. Jr. had two ideas in eight years (Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and put corn in the gas  (evidently daddy didn’t tell him that. Japan tried that in World War Two and Japan lost the war.  Dead wrong on both ideas. In baseball they would say o for two.  Donald J Trump took it further and said jr. was a liar liar pants on fire.  I’m willing to wager that with jr. and Mr. French in the same think tank they could come up with another idea in the next eight years. Right or wrong I think they would strive for quantity.  Three ideas in sixteen years would be awesome!

rattlesnake snake timber
FILE– In this September 2008 handout file photograph from the Mass. Div. of Wildlife and Fisheries, a timber rattlesnake rests in a coil on a rock in Western Massachusetts. A plan by the state to start a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in Massachusetts’ largest drinking water supply is under fire. (Bill Byrne/The Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife via AP)

The political aspect of Mr. French’s presentation were, he spoke from a memorized speech and didn’t vary from his memorized speech up to and including the question period.  An associate of Mr. French walked around and chooses who would speak next.  After my initial speech I could not get the mike again, and I had my hand in the air as the lady across form me; neither of us got to say another word, hence this rebuttal.

If Mr. French were the scientist he claims to be in his bona fides, somewhere on his journey to a PhD he would have been exposed to critical thinking and logic, which was not evident in his keystone speech.

Now that I have put Mr. French into the intellectual slot I believe he belongs, lets explore    his logic.  Mr. French’s major premise was that rattlesnakes would not travel more than 4 miles from den. 5 miles from den would be considered an outlier.  If the above stated major premise is true, how do you account for the separate and independent 5 populations of rattlesnakes in Massachusetts from Boston to the Berkshires?       Any mathematicians’ out there please help me, is it more than 5 miles (the maximum distance rattlesnakes can travel) from Blue hills in Boston to the Berkshires?

Or did the 5 populations evolve separately and independly of each other the same exact species!  What about the rest of the states that have rattlers did they evolve separately?  Enough of this bull, it’s not even a rational thought that they could evolve separately.  Can anyone out there wrap your mind around this concept?

The only rational explanation is they evolved in one place and crawled to their present locations.

Let me throw this in for you religious types.  Maybe God placed the rattlesnakes in all these various populations and they did not have to crawl more than 5 miles max. Can we call this French’s law?  (Rattlesnakes can only go 5 miles from den) Would someone out there run this by the scientific community?

In conclusion the snakes will travel to populate other areas that have suitable habitat.  Now the punch line someone will be bitten and the Quabbin will be closed for recreation.  All the above words were leading to this last line.  Rattlesnakes in Quabbin will force people out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this

SORRY Mr. French I don’t suffer fools well in my declining years.  It is a character defect that I need to work on.  Does the DCR have another scientist that I could debate this issue with? Preferably a scientist that practices the principles of science and is not yet politically corrupt!  I have no more time to waste with Mr. French.  I think Mr. French’s zealousness to restore rattlesnakes to Quabbin has blinded him to the hard science behind this endeavor, and the resulting consequences.  The end of recreational use of Quabbin.


7 thoughts on “Rebuttal on public hearing to introduce rattlesnakes in Quabbin (w2)

  1. only DCR bosses and high ranking politicians are allowed to enjoy Prescott Peninsular and fish on the Windsor Dam side of the barrels; Bernie refers to this as a rigged economy, or in this case rigged pleasure. The top 1% of DCR employs get the use of the choicest areas of the watershed and make polices like introducing rattlesnakes to the watershed, which I consider absurd.

    Then let them eat cnake( get bit.)…….It would serve them right.

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  2. I just thought Mr. Krunklevich should know that rattlesnakes populated most of the state until Europeans arrived. They did a splendid job of killing them off. The snakes have more or less clung to existence in New England occupying land too harsh for sustained agriculture. Now trophy homes and summer camps occupy those same locations. More roads have increased mortality. People with more testosterone than brains seek them out and kill them for fun. Fire suppression has allowed important gestation habitat to shade over,lessening already low reproductive rates.
    Mr. French may be a condescending arrogant politician, but at least he is thinking past himself. To lose any creature through arrogance or fear is a sin in the worst way.
    In case you’re thinking I’m an elitist tree hugger trying to impose my will on the ignorant masses….. Rest assured that I’m a 52 year old landscaper with a high school education. I do care for the remaining natural world deeply and would rather sit on a rock with a rattlesnake than deal with humanity and all the hypocrisy involved.
    That’s my 2 cents for you to disregard.
    Pete Steinbach


  3. Lets move away from the slithering poisonous rattlesnakes and
    look at the two legged snakes and their misuse of state and federal grant money.


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